elf vampire

first attempt at playing with glows and magical effects.


ork bard


a bunch of dwarfs


though this character itself is low poly, I wanted to focus on the cloth he wears which flows realistically.

sculpts render.0023.jpg
sculpts render.0023.jpg

This is my first ever human figure. the attire I have dressed him in a a British full plate armour. I am experimenting with different fabrics. this is the first.


Contrary to popular believe I personally never feel like my dice are cursed, I know they are just tiny mimics, out to get me.

This is a model of a character I used in a short film, Dice Tosser. It was a joy to make this, exposing those little gremlins.

the model is made in maya

snake person2.png

Naga, snake people - snakes are always portrait as plotting and sceaming. never knowing whats under their skin. Now you know.

This is the first installment of a series of mythical skeletons. Though this being a side project the next one might come out next week or next year, depending on my spare time and other projects.

the model is made n maya


there is a saying about watchdogs this particular breed is a pocket watch.

I was playing a bit with animating the inanimate.

the model is made in maya


This is a walk cycle of a clockwork robot a modeled.

the model is made in maya


this is the main character of the animation One in a million Peaches. it is modeled after an old man that I knew. i wanted to put as little facial features in there to see if i\I can still convey emotion.

the model is made in maya


the simlpest and most unprofacionally fillmed of trails.


This is a concept for a folding robot.

this model is made in maya