Mr Hatman





Shot of autumn

Short shot of autumn during these cold winter days.


The Islander

2:13 (min)

This animation is about the strubble with dimentia.

it is a combination of CGI, 2d animation and puppit stop-motion. I made this animation in cooperation with Rhode Brussee.




Dice Tosser

0:06 (min)

This animation is a hate letter to all the times the dice knew I needed that nat 20.

The animation is a experiment to combine CGI and live action. I wanted to see if I could make a creature that wouldn’t stick out to much.




0:27 (min)

A person tells of his perfect future. a lone existence on the moon.

Part of a film By Andrei Panait)




One in a million Peaches

1:11 (min)

An old man goes out to buy peaches. this is a simple story hiding a deeper one underneath.




Buitendienst (Dutch children nature program)

0:59 (min)

this is a project for a nature channel. the video is in dutch. the biggest part of this animation is a focus on shadow play.